Customize Openbox Manjaro

Published: Saturday, May 2, 2020

Tags: linux

The lightweight Openbox Manjaro is very appealing compared to some other operating systems that use so much CPU when you are doing nothing. After a fresh installation, there are some steps to take before it appears and functions as I would like.

Increase font size. Tiny texts on high resolution screens hurt my eyes. I remember GNOME has the option to scale to 150%. But for Openbox, I have to increase font size manually.

Add Suspend Button to jgmenu. It was a little funny when I had to search for suspend/sleep button. This post provides the solution:

Open the file ~/.config/jgmenu/append.csv with a text editor and add the following line:

suspend,systemctl -i suspend,system-suspend

Fix PulseAudio. The volume control buttons on the keyboard could not work without PulseAudio service. When trying to open the control, the window is stuck at "Establishing connection to PulseAudio. Please wait…"

Someone suggested that removing, deleting all .config files and reinstalling can fix this issue. For me, there is one more extra step of making it auto-start at log in:

pulseaudio --start

Edit ~/.config/openbox/ autostart file and add the start command.

Disable system beep. It is extremely disturbing when Firefox plays the system beep at 100% volume simply after a search fail using Ctrl+F. The easiest fix is disable it globally, as it being the top option on this list.

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